What should you check when you buy a second hand car in Thailand?

black car gps turned on in car

Are you considering buying a second hand car in Thailand? Thailand is a pretty good idea as second hand cars are cheaper, better for the environment, have less fee for new car registration, get better car specification with lower price and can get less rate for car insurance in Thailand as well. As pre-loved cars are used before, there are things you need to check before deciding to buy a second hand car in Thailand.

What are factors for buying a second car in Thailand that you should avoid?

●    Big cars with high cc.


For cars with high cc, they are sold at a cheap price so people want to take them but you should think twice when it comes to high cc cars as they use so much fuel and have high maintenance cost. You may also find it hard to sell it when you want to as well.

●    Second hand car with gas powered.

There are more and more cars that are gas powered as fuel is more pricey. However, using gas powered cars can make the engine wear out faster than it should be.

●    Think twice before you buy European or classic second hand cars

European cars can be sold pretty cheap as normally it is quite hard to find the right spare parts for them when they need to be maintained. Same as classic cars that look cool but it comes with a high cost of maintenance. So, if you want to save money by buying second hand cars, European and classic cars are out of the topic.

What should you do when buying a car in Thailand?

●    Keep searching

You can search about car models and second hand cars shops that you are interested in online first. Then, search about typical problems for such car models to consider and compare them as well.

●    Check second hand cars’s conditions

If you check the distance indicator, it shows that the car was not used much. It doesn’t mean that it is good as you should check  the manufactured year as well. After that, you should check the conditions of car seats, steering wheel, colour and car wheels as well.

Apart from how it looks, you should have someone who has knowledge about car engines to go and buy a second hand car with you as well so they can help you check how the car engine you want to buy.

Furthermore you should try driving it and check all related documents to make sure that everything is good before you buy it. If you are also looking for good car insurance in Thailand, you should check out Rabbit Care. It is a platform you can use to compare deals of car insurance in Thailand from many well known car companies that sell car insurance in Thailand. This way you can find the best car insurance in Thailand that suits you the most quick and comfortable way.