International Shipping – How to Compare International Shipping Companies

Once a business establishes their export operations, they usually start or rather continue working with one and the same international shipping company. The best way to find a freight forwarder which will be able to do the job efficiently and cost-efficiently is to compare different service providers. This is now easier than every before as you can get quotes from as many companies as you wish over the internet. You do not even have to leave your desk.

Before you get to compare international shipping providers, you need to collect accurate quotes from the right companies. Do your own research to select a number 集運 of freight forwarders with excellent reputation among businesses in your industry and in your local area. Then you can collect quotes from all of them.

It is important for you to provide accurate information in order to get accurate quotes. Describe your goods in detail and give precise product size, weight and volume numbers. Comparing accurate quotes should not be hard when you take into account all essential criteria.


The international shipping company that you hire should have specialization and extensive experience in working with the type of product that you want to ship to another country. This is particularly applicable if you export foods, livestock or hazardous materials or products.

You should not hesitate to ask the different freight forwarders about the special solutions they provide. Ask what mode of transport they can recommend and arrange so that your requirements are fully met. If your goods’ volume, shape or weight is out of the ordinary, an experienced service provider should be able to arrange appropriate packing and transportation