5 interesting things you can find only here on the roads in Thailand!

Sure that driving on the roads here in Thailand will be different from your country but how is it different is a topic we will talk about today. We are collecting 6 interesting things that you can find only on the road in Thailand for you to acknowledge and also be careful when driving on the roads in Thailand.

1.  Sellers on the street

When the red traffic light is turned on, there will sometimes be sellers who come out on the street to sell you flower garlands, drink or food to survive and that is how to find money for them. Some Thai people will buy flower garlands to pray for a safe trip each day. It also gives a good smell to the car. Sometimes people are hungry while waiting for so long they will buy food and drink as well. However, if you do not want to buy anything you can just say no or shake your head. You also need to be careful when driving a car after the green light is on in case they are still around on the road.

2.  Pickup car with a lot of stuff on

Next thing that you can see is a pickup car that turns big because people use it to deliver stuff as much as they can at once to save cost. These cars may drive very slow and quite dangerous to be near them in case stuff falls out of the car. So, the best way is trying to avoid being close with these types of pickup to make sure that it saves.

3.   A shop on the car

Many sellers also turn their car into a movable shop. You can see a car full of fresh fruits, vegetables, stickers, food and drinks for sale. There are many cars like this as they do not need to pay rent and can find customers as they go. If you want to support local rather than expensive stuff in supermarkets, you can buy fresh stuff from them and it is also much cheaper.

4.  Sacred things in front of the cars

Another thing you can find in Thailand when you use public transportation such as taxis, you will find some sacred things in front of their cars such as a Buddha or mystic symbol as they believe it will protect them from accidents and dangerous while driving on the road.

5.  Stickers on cars

One more interesting thing that you can see while driving in Thailand is all the stickers people put on their car. Sometimes they are logo stickers to promote stuff and sometimes they use it for decoration. Most of the time, it is stickers with funny quotes to make people who see it read and laugh.

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